Hello, everyone!

Just a reminder, I’m no longer going to be using this blog anymore, but I will be on another blog! » http://lovedsewn.tumblr.com/

Have a great day, lovelies!

09-18 / 11:27


I’m sorry I haven’t been on in AGES, but my life is pretty much all over the place right now. I hope you are all having a wonderful life since the last time I’ve been on! I just wanted to tell you all a few things and I know that the majority of you do not care so as to not spam anyone, read more below :)

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09-09 / 20:44

Lydia Martin + Perfect Hair.

They’re supposed to be for the horses, but who cares? They’ve got years to eat sugar, whereas you and I..well, if we see something sweet we better grab it quick.